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The new approach to hoof problems.

On high-yielding dairy farms, cows and heifers are exposed to high concentrations of slurry/manure, which have a damaging effect on the skin around the hooves. Long-term exposure to these substances weaken the skins natural barrier and increase the risk of infections such as Digital Dermatitis.

HooFoss is a unique highly specialised, cleaning and protective agent, which maintains healthy and intact skin around the hooves.

The benefits of using HooFoss:

  • A cleaning product, which removes slurry, manure, ammonia and sulphur hydrogen from the skin around the hooves
  • Powerful drying and increased oxygenation of the problem area
  • A protective crust on the problem area, supporting the healing of the skin
  • A continuous protective layer, eliminating the negative effect of the waste products

HooFoss can be applied as follows:

  • Spraying – directly sprayed onto hooves using a knapsack/handheld sprayer
  • Hoof bath – diluted into a hoof bath with water

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