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Protects the skin in the hoof region

HooFoss is a new active skin protection agent specialised for use in the hoof region.

HooFoss counteracts the damaging impact from the hoof environment by adding a fully covering layer of active minerals to the problem area. Once formed, the mineral layer will bind hard for several days to intact and damaged skin. When cows and heifers return to the barn, the active mineral layer will support the skin and protect against damaging waste products. This relief will allow the skin to heal, without being exposed to the harmful hoof environment.
When used continuously, HooFoss will provide ongoing protection and significantly reduce hoof problems.


HooFoss – a highly specialised skin protection agent working in four steps

  • Cleans the skin from skin-damaging components, such as manure and ammonia
  • Powerful drying and increased oxygenation of the problem area
  • Covers the problem area with a protective crust that supports skin healing
  • Forms a resistant mineral layer on the skin that protects the skin for several days

HooFoss can be applied by direct spraying or used in a hoof bath.  The spraying method is the most effective and simple form of application, which ensures full contact to the hoof region. Spraying is easily combined with the daily work routines. HooFoss does not cause pain or distress in the animals.

HooFoss is available in 20kg plastic drums, 250kg plastic barrels or 1300kg pallet tanks.


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