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X-Zelit® Feed

X-Zelit in a dry cow feed

X-Zelit has been incorporated into a high quality dry cow compound feed and is available as 6mm pelleted dry cow feed. This feed contains high quality protein and energy to meet transition cow requirements along with the recommended level of X-Zelit.

A 2nd variant is also available which aslo contains a full dry cow mineral and vitamin package.

Feed rate per cow per day: 3.0kg

Feeding Instruction: Top dress or feed in trough in the period 14-21 days before


  • Provides an easy and effective transition with fewer metabolic diseases
  • More simple to implement and manage than DCAB strategies
  • Significantly reduces milk fever – 100% effective in lab trials
  • Increases milk yield up to 1.5kg
  • 9% increase in colostrum quality
  • Increases fertility, reducing the time to pregnancy by 19 days
  • 10% reduction in Somatic Cell Counts
  • Highly palatable dry cow feed along with the recommended level of X-Zelit
  • Option available that includes full dry cow mineral and vitamin supplement

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