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X-Zelit® Farm Pack

X-Zelit in its concentrated form

X-Zelit in its concentrate form is a granulated product which is designed to be incorporated into TMR’s or mixed with other feed ingredients at the farm.

Feed rate per cow per day: 0.5kg

Feeding Instruction: Mix in TMR or top dress with concentrate feeds in the period
14-21 days before calving


  • Provides an easy and effective transition with fewer metabolic diseases
  • More simple to implement and manage than DCAB strategies
  • Significantly reduces milk fever – 100% effective in lab trials
  • Increases milk yield up to 1.5kg
  • 9% increase in colostrum quality
  • Increases fertility, reducing the time to pregnancy by 19 days
  • 10% reduction in Somatic Cell Counts
  • Designed for inclusion into TMR’s or mixing iwith feedstuffs

“Providing SOLUTIONS to optimise animal HEALTH and WELFARE”

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