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Stalosan® F

The Multifunctional Biocide

Stalosan F is a multifunctional biocide that provides ongoing protection against pathogens and harmful waste products during the full animal production cycle.

Stalosan F is a powder bedding hygiene product, well-known worldwide for its high efficacy and has become the product of choice for controlling infection levels in resting areas accross all animal species.


Stalosan F Composition

  • Eliminates pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites)
  • Inhibits bacterial enzymes
  • Neutralises harmful waste products such as ammonia and hydrogen sulphide
  • Regains a natural low pH-value in the animal environment and therefore strengthens the animal resistance towards infections
  • A powerful drying agent
  • Safe to use in the presence of animals and remains active in the presence of organic matter

Most hygiene powder products on the market are primarily made of limestone. This makes these products less expensive but also limits the efficacy profile to a drying effect with no true biocidal properties.

Stalosan F is a complex mixture of carefully selected active ingredients that makes it a multifunctional biocide. Those functions include elimination of disease causing microorganisms, inhibition of bacterial metabolism, breakdown of harmful waste products, regaining a natural low pH-value in the animal environment and water absorption.


“Providing SOLUTIONS to optimise animal HEALTH and WELFARE”

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