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Stalosan® Dry

Medium Ammonia and Moisture Control, High Animal Comfort

Stalosan Dry is a slightly acidic hygiene powder product that absorbs water and neutralises ammonia.


  • Stalosan Dry supports animal resistance and welfare
  • Stalosan Dry has a soft structure that gives high animal comfort in resting areas
  • Can be combined with Stalosan F for increased antimicrobial control and comfort with lower cost than Stalosan F

Stalosan Dry is designed to be used in combination with Stalosan F to provide full biocidal control along with effective drying and bedding conditioning.

Stalosan Dry Concept


  • Stalosan F applied once per week at 50g/square metre
  • Stalosan Dry applied on daily basis on remaining days at 100g/square metre
  • Combined effects ensure bacterial count remains under the disease outbreak threshold
  • An effective and more cost effective approach than other drying products on the market

“Providing SOLUTIONS to optimise animal HEALTH and WELFARE”

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