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Enrich their world

Promote natural pecking behaviour and improve animal welfare.

Providing pre-occupation materials are important to satisfy the birds natural behaviour which helps to avoid avoids feather pecking and cannibalism.

Use PECKStones™, the original and market leading enrichment block to prevent behaviour problems in layers, broilers and turkeys.

Approved for use in Organic Farming
  • Satisfies natural behaviour
  • Abrasive properties promoting beak wear
  • Ensures active pre-occupation and reward
  • Provides a “destructible” yet durable form of enrichment
  • Contains vital salts and minerals with calming properties
  • Reduces feather pecking and cannibalism
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Product options
The PECKStone™ product line consists of 5 product variants with different hardness grades and composition to provide the best solution based on you poultry type/system.

PECKStone™ products are available in 10kg plastic bowls (8kg for PECKStone Medium only) and we can supply the following quantities delivered directly to you:

  • full pallet of 100 units
  • half pallet of 50 units
  • minimum of 25 units

Combination pallets are also available, please contact us for more information.

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“Providing SOLUTIONS to optimise animal HEALTH and WELFARE”

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