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Minerals for Ruminants

The correct balance of minerals, trace elements and vitamins are essential to achieve optimum health status and maximum performance from your animals.

At PRIMEagri we believe in “responsible mineral nutrition”. Often mineral requirements are not adequately taken into consideration and reviewed, and instead “standard” mineral supplements are offered. In many situations this can result in shortfalls in some mineral/vitamin elements and overdoses in others. As a result animal health can be compromised by either deficiency or toxicity and can also result in unnecessary expense to the producer in situations where mineral supplements are over prescribed.

Our close partnership with our suppliers provides us with access to many feed ingredients and nutritional additives giving us great flexibility in the mineral supplements we can offer. If you already a have a mineral formulation then we would be confident in our ability to offer a comparable product however we can also use our connection with industry experts to design custom made solutions based on your production/animals and the latest industry knowledge and research.

Order with us

In this process we review all feedstuffs, anlaysing forages for mineral content and then formulating a custom mineral supplement that meets the requirements of your animals. This “total overview” approach takes into consideration all mineral/vitamin intakes supplied from compound feeds and any specific disease challenges/constraints on your farm to ensure that we meet your animals requirements without unnecessary oversupply.

Responsible mineral nutrition that pays off for you and your animals.


“Providing SOLUTIONS to optimise animal HEALTH and WELFARE”

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