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Calf Milk Replacers

True milk substitutes for professional calf rearing

By nature, calves are designed to suckle milk from their dams, therefore in order to achieve optimal growth weights then milk replacers should provide a plane of nutrition as close as possible to that of whole milk.

Safe solutions formulated for optimal performance using high quality dairy based raw materials

The MilkFoss® range of calf milk replacers are formulated to provide the closest alternative to natural whole milk. They contain high levels of dairy based protein ensuring optimal digestion and nutrient supply in order to achieve the animals maximum growth potential and metabolic profiling. Using high levels of dairy based protein, particularly high levels of skim milk powder in milk replacers maximises protein digestibility in early life which promotes optimum growth and also safeguards against digestive upsets, see below:

Protein Source Age (Weeks) Apparent Digestibility
Whole Milk 3 94%
5 97%
Spray Dried Skim 3 92%
5 96%
Whey Powder 3 65%
5 90%
Soya Protein Conc. 2 57%
7 82%

All MilkFoss® milk replacers are acidified to pH 6.0 and contain milk acid bacteria, Natural vitamin E and essential oils to promote calf health and immunity, and stabilze the intenstinal flora to achieve optimal digestion. A high content of Natural Vitamin E promotes optimum immunity which is vital to achieving the animals growth potential.

Product options
The MilkFoss® range comprises of 3 product variants that contain differening levels of skim milk powder inclusion to offer the best solution for you system.

MilkFoss® products are available in 25kg bags and we can supply full pallets of 30 bags delivered directly to you.

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